New Orleans

via Cafe Du Monde

My husband got called to a last minute meeting in New Orleans on Friday so we decided that I should tag along and then we should spend the weekend there. He’s been to New Orleans lots, but if you can believe it being from a neighboring state…I’ve never been! I am super excited to check out a city that I’ve heard tons of great things about. My first stop is going to be one of those crazy bead stores so I can make sure I am outfitted for all my favorite teams – they better have Cowboys, Rangers, and Longhorns stocked up. I’m probably going to have a daiquiri and some beignets (is cafe du monde really the best?) too!

Tell me readers…where should we go in New Orleans? even if you’ve never been and just heard about a place…let me know and I’ll check it out for you. We are staying in the French Quarter area. Now accepting recommendations to keep me marching with the Saints all weekend long…

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