Tuesday Shoesday: Brian Atwood + Rose Gold


via @vbfashionweek - Victoria Beckham's official twitter

Let’s talk Victoria Beckham, rose gold Rolexes, and Brian Atwood sky high platforms… you see, Ms. Beckham is now a bona fide fashion designer touting that her Beckham bags can replace Birkins all over the tents at New York fashion week. To that I say, keep your Beckham leather and send me your Birkins (she must have over 30!)…I’ll share! When it came to her fashion week presentation, she had a bit of inspiration on her feet, literally.

Look from Victoria Beckham's S/S 2011 collection, New York Fashion Week. via Style.com

Apparently, on Victoria’s 36th birthday her husband, David, gifted her with a rose gold Rolex. She got all inspired and enlisted shoe designer, Brian Atwood, to match the shoes for her Spring/Summer 2011 collection to her rose gold Rolex. So I present to you, rose gold platforms to match a rose gold Rolex – a match made in fashion heaven. These shoes are going to be the new nude. They go with everything and are hot! So Brian, when can the masses put these on our blister lovin’ feet?

Beckham in Brian Atwood. via Style.com

UPDATE 3/22/2011: These beauties are now available.

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2 Responses to Tuesday Shoesday: Brian Atwood + Rose Gold

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