Tuesday Shoesday: I left my shoes in the closet today…


How I keep my shoes pretty. Containers from Target.

Hello! Hello! No shoes today – they are all neatly packed in tupperware containers in my closet. I just can’t get out of my PJs today which means I’m not thinking about any dang shoes! I have been quite the slacker, but it’s only because I’ve been traveling so much the past few weeks that I just can’t catch up. In the past month we’ve made fun trips to New Orleans, Southern California, and Las Vegas (we live in Texas)…and I had a birthday and a hair chop thrown in there too! It feels like I have an eternally packed suitcase. Good thing one of my favorite things is watching my airline mileage accounts get fat. Lucky for you, I have at least 30 things in my blackberry notepad that I want to share on the blog. So, there will be sharing… hiplip lives on!

PS: I did make these blondies last night, but used coconut instead of chocolate chips. They were too rich for me – I literally felt like I was eating a block of gooey brown sugar, but my husband loved them.

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One Response to Tuesday Shoesday: I left my shoes in the closet today…

  1. Wendy says:

    Where do you buy those shoe-size Tupperware things??

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