Survival of the Hippest

Carrie with her famous name plate necklace. Image via

Carrie let us know who she was by donning a name plate on Sex and the City…and thousands of Manolo-clad women followed. I never got a gold name plate, but perhaps I should increase my twitter & blog followers by getting a twitter inspired @ or # “HIPLIP” name plate from Survival of the Hippest (@thehippest on twitter). They also can fulfil your inner-Carrie and make you a name plate that’s not of the twitter variety. The latest must-have accessory for the twitter-crazed start at $49.95. Pretty cute stuff!

The sky is the limit! Image via

You know I’m all about being hip… so, to order hit up their website:

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6 Responses to Survival of the Hippest

  1. samantha says:

    i totally have a “samantha” necklace. love that i happened upon your blog and this is the first post i saw.
    sex and the city forever!


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  3. Carrie says:

    I have a Carrie name necklace and love it!

  4. CleftHal says:

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