Tuesday Shoesday: TOMS Shoes

Step away from the heels today! When it comes to comfy shoes, I hope you’ve heard about TOMS by now. A comfortable shoe, made by a socially aware company. When the company opened in 2006, TOMS started something they call the “one for one movement” – when you buy a pair of their shoes, they donate a pair to children in need around the world. They have given over ONE MILLION shoes out, amazing! The shoes come in tons of colors, patterns, and styles. You can even buy a plain pair and bedazzle them yourself. They are so adorable for kids too. My personal faves are the glitter TOMS (check out the “how we wear them” sidebar for real pictures of people rocking their TOMS). I think the reason I like these so much is they remind me of the KED’s slip ons that I totally rocked in the 80’s. You can find TOMS at many online retailers, in addition to their own website, like: Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and Zappos. I’ve also seen actual displays in Whole Foods. I think they run about a 1/2 size small but definitely read reviews before ordering.

via TOMS.com

TOMS Shoes

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5 Responses to Tuesday Shoesday: TOMS Shoes

  1. Such a cool idea I just wished I liked them.

    • hiplip says:

      I know they look “not cute”…but I promise I have seen them look so cute on people! You, out of anyone, could totally rock them!

      • alexis says:

        haha. girls, i can’t get into them either!! i love the idea behind the company and they look cute on others, but i just can’t do it!!

  2. ebwatler says:

    i’ve been wearing toms for years and i LOVE them. they’re so comfortable and surprisingly durable for canvas shoes. they do tend to get a little stinky, but i just throw mine in the washing machine on gentle and they come out like new!

  3. Wendy says:

    I love Tiny Toms but they never have Piper’s size!

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