Fall Nail Colors

All OPI (L to R): Lincoln Park After Dark, Baby It's "Coal" Outside, You Don't Know Jacques, Suzi Skis In The Pyrenees, Russian Navy

I love Fall nails. It means I can go dark, dark, dark! I picked up some nail polishes that should last me through the season. I really want to work on getting good at painting my own nails. I really hate going to the nail place and it could save me some cash…of course, if I stop buying polishes. Here’s what I grabbed to get me in the mood for Fall (click on the link to see a swatch from the blog All Lacquered Up since you can’t tell from my picture above)…
Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees 
Lincoln Park After Dark
You Don’t Know Jacques

Russian Navy
Baby It’s “Coal” Outside
Other than these I am definitely going to pick up MAC Formidable from the Disney Venomous Villains Collection. What are your favorite polishes for Fall? I’m sure I could use a couple more colors – they don’t all have to be dark.

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5 Responses to Fall Nail Colors

  1. ebwatler says:

    my nails are currently sapphire (?) from OPI — it’s a dark purple-y navy. i love it and have gotten lots of compliments on it — it’s a good dark color but still fun!

  2. Can’t wait for fall nail colors!

  3. slcsaunders says:

    Check out Chanel’s “Paradoxal” and “Khaki Vert”…

  4. slcsaunders says:

    btw, was going to blog about fall nails today too since I just got my “Black Satin” mani on Tuesday… so don’t think i’m bitin’ your style! 😉

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