Somewhere Over the Rainbow + A Coupon!

Texas, September 2010

I took this picture of a rainbow from my terrace last week. Hey, if Rachel Zoe can call her balcony in California a terrace, then I can call mine in Texas one too! Isn’t it beautiful? The sky is so clear thru the clouds and I love city living so I don’t mind the buildings blocking it a little.

Also, just because I really like you and rainbows make me think of crafts…click here to download a 50% of coupon for a Martha Stewart Crafts item at Michael’s. You have to download the coupon today, the link expires tonight at 11:59CST. After downloading, the coupon is good for two more weeks. I was super interested in this circle cutter – I have dreams of making banners galore with it. If you missed Martha Stewart on Oprah yesterday, those two were pretty funny together. I totally plan on making my own fruit infused vodka and creating some bedazzled banners…maybe at the same time, who knows?! I’ll be sure to share. Hope you have a fabulous Wednesday!

*Edit: I downloaded the coupon and saved it to my desktop. So if you miss the deadline to download it by tonight – you should be able to click here for a PDF version. It expires October 16th.

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