Brazilian Blowout = Danger Zone?

The Brazilian Blowout is the new thing for your tresses. According to reviews – it leaves your hair so silky smooth and straight you only have to spend mere minutes fixing it. Sounds too good to be true, right? Today I read this article on Fashionista and while it seems there is no conclusive evidence (yet!) that this product is dangerous, all signs point to the danger zone. I’m of the belief that everything has carcinogens or could kill me like using a microwave, leaving a plastic bottle in a warm car, and consuming high fructose corn syrup…so I normally don’t get uptight about things like this. I mean seriously how do we even live past the age of 12 anymore by doing things all these things new studies tell us not to do? I’m all for living life and feeling good about yourself which is why I put bleach on my head 12 times a year among other things. I’m inclined to think that this product, much like bleach, will show evidence that a miniscule amount is absorbed by the skin. However, I don’t think I would be comfortable slathering this on my head until there is an official statement by the FDA or more conclusive tests run. Possibly 12% formaldehyde applied to my skin? I read on one site that they use formaldehyde to ‘pickle the meat’ of dead bodies. Now that freaked me out. No thank you! The road to being perceivably beautiful has land mines all around. Be careful out there ladies!

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2 Responses to Brazilian Blowout = Danger Zone?

  1. jpo says:

    I totally agree with you- are we supposed to live under a rock forever? My husband (who was a nuclear engineer) and I just snicker at people who don’t use microwaves… but suntan.

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