Tuesday Shoesday: Gap Has Done It Again!

Why must Gap do this to me? You might remember these shoes from a couple months ago. I still haven’t found them. Now, I can’t find the shoes above. You would think Gap would use shoes from their sister company, Piperlime, but no. I’ve even emailed them and they tell me they can’t give information on the shoes they use in their photo shoots. Any one have any guesses on these platform beauties?

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4 Responses to Tuesday Shoesday: Gap Has Done It Again!

  1. Sara says:

    ha…I liked those too..I think they are some designer. J Crew has a pretty great suede pair this season…and so does banana

  2. Anne Kerestesi says:

    I know! My sister-in-laws sister used to design for Banana. I loved a pair as well a year or two ago. They are impossible to find, but will see what I can do!

  3. Hello My Pretties says:

    I hate when companies do that, it’s so frustrating.

  4. Alanna says:

    I love love those too, will keep an eye out!

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