Lanvin hearts H&M – favor to ask…

I’ve written about this much anticipated collaboration here & here. But, it’s finally actually here! Lanvin hearts H&M drops in just 3 days, November 20th. Here is where I get on my knees and beg you to pick me up a pair of the blackout sunglasses for $19.95 – seen on all the looks above. Yes, all those amazing pieces above will be available at H&M prices. If you are planning on going please send me a comment or email and let me know you will be on the lookout for the sunglasses for me. Even if I end up with a couple pairs, I won’t mind. I will paypal you immediately. If I knew how the sizing was I’d want the pink dress too, drat! Get your elbows in the out position and get the goods, girls!

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One Response to Lanvin hearts H&M – favor to ask…

  1. Lindsey – I will keep an eye out for you. If you want to email me your number I can text you when I’m out there.

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