Let’s Go Shopping: Owl Accessories

I’m crazy about owls! I think they are the perfect Fall accessory – they go great with the dark colors that Fall brings. Here are some of my favorite owl pieces – hoot, hoot:
1. Ruche – Ten Minutes to Hoot O’Clock Owl Watch Necklace, $18.99
2. Alex & Ani – Owl, Single Bangle, $30
3. Marc by Marc Jacobs – Owl Stud Earrings, $58
4. Judith Leiber – Wisdom Owl Clutch, $3,800
5. Mod Cloth – Great Horned Necklace, $19.99
6. Betsey Johnson – Betsey the Vampire Slayer Purple Owl Eyes Ring, $35
7. Kate Spade – Bon Mot Owl Coin Purse, $95
8. Gorjana – Owl Necklace, $108

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5 Responses to Let’s Go Shopping: Owl Accessories

  1. That is so very KG of you!

  2. OMG thsoe STUDs!! So cute!!

  3. Linda McMahon says:

    Your G-ma loves Owls…she used to collect them

  4. ashley says:

    I love owls, too. My grandmother used to collect them, and when she moved in with my mom, she gave almost all of her collection to me.

    That Kate Spade coin purse is so cute. Love all your choices!

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