Thanksgiving for Dogs

Had to share this right away so you can try to track it down tomorrow. I’m a dog nut. I don’t have one yet but am the proud ‘sister’ of two (Jack & Tiger) and also have a ‘nephew’ (Maverick) and ‘niece’ (Luca). I will snap some photos over the holiday! Since they will all be in the house on Thanksgiving they have to eat too. Jack and Tiger usually get the real deal. But, Mavvy and Luca are more all-natural kind of dogs. This should work for all of them. Thanksgiving Day Dinner or for the more refined palate Turducken in a can. Love it! Click here to find a store that carries Merrick products near you so you can scoop up a can before the holiday. Also a cute gift if you are going to a house of dog lovers for Turkey Day!

Also check out these other flavors: Gameday TailgateBrauts ‘n Tots, Grammy’s Pot Pie, and many more

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One Response to Thanksgiving for Dogs

  1. ashley says:

    I want a puppy dog so badly! I am hoping to move soon which would allow a puppy to happen. If I had one, I would definitely feed him a special Thanksgiving dinner like this!

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