We’ve Been Elfed!

I’ve been working on our holiday cards today. It’s gotten me in the Christmas spirit. The Mariah Carey Christmas album may or may not be playing in the background. I saw Carrie from Anders Ruff post instructions on how to “Elf” your neighbors last night. I love this but am a little bummed because we don’t know any of our neighbors and there aren’t many families in our building, such is city livin’. So, I decided I’m going to “Elf” my favorite bloggers and hope they will pass it on either by “Elfing” their favorite bloggers, neighbors, or co-workers. And, I hope that all of YOU will go download the free printables from Anders Ruff and “Elf” anyone you want! Let’s start spreading the holiday cheer!

Download the “Elf” free printables here.

You’ve been blog “Elfed” – now spread the cheer! Don’t forget the treats if you are doing it in person!
1. Amber @ Amber’s Notebook
2. Kara @ Fashionably Inspired
3. Jadan @ The Blonde & The Brunette
4. Alexis @ ppppffffftttttt
5. Blair @ the real world: charlotte
6. Tina @ Carrots ‘N Cake
7. Abby @ Life in the Super Burbs
8. Kelley @ The Hidden List
9. Kendall @ Keeping Up with the Joneses
10. Sues & Chels @ We are not Martha
Now get to work, Elves!

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3 Responses to We’ve Been Elfed!

  1. Super Burbs says:

    so cute!! I should get my neighbors involved in this! Thanks for elfing me! (haha that sounds a bit bizarre 🙂

  2. alexis says:

    YES!!! so excited to be elfed and pass it on :)!!!

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