Reader Mail: Survival of the Hippest

Since we are knee-deep in gift guides and stocking stuffer ideas, I thought I would post this review (with pictures) that a reader sent me! I first blogged about Survival of the Hippest here. It’s great gift idea and I thought you should all know that this cool idea is backed by a great customer service oriented company.

After reading HIP LIP’s blog, I thought, what a cool idea to personalize something for my wife and our 1 year anniversary. Although its our “Paper” anniversary I figured I would wrap it up in TONS of PAPER to fulfill that requirement.
So it was pretty easy really. I selected what I wanted, Bracelet in silver w/ a hash tag “#” and then my little personal saying. The payment was through Google Checkout which I already had, so I just signed into my Google page, and it was basically done. Got it about 5-6 days later, and I am a happy camper.
Thanks HIP LIP for finding what the cool kids are doing and exposing their secrets!
–Johnny B.

Word on the street is that his lovely bride loved her gift. He presented it to her on their anniversary trip to Napa where he also took her on a hot air balloon ride. Lucky girl! Way to go, Johnny B!

If you’ve bought anything you’ve seen on HIP LIP and want to send me a review (good or bad) please email me at

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