San Francisco Treats!

You might remember the friendly rivalry I had with Amber’s Notebook regarding the World Series. We even made a bet. I lost the bet and sent her a box of Texas goodies. And now, she has gone out of her way to send me a consolation prize of San Francisco treats. My parents happened to be in town when it arrived and my Mom told me she loves Buena Vista. So, I will definitely be taking Amber up on her offer of an Irish coffee. I also think I’m going to marinate my chicken in that NorCal BBQ sauce tonight. I can’t wait to taste the difference from my Texas standards. Thank you, Amber. Let’s meet in the World Series again next year!

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2 Responses to San Francisco Treats!

  1. Danika says:

    Buena Vista is the best! I love their Irish coffees. A must if you are in the SF area.

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