Travel: Africa – The Lodges

&Beyond has the best descriptions of the lodges on their website and if they were wrong then I would be telling you, but they aren’t. Everything on their site is exactly what we experienced. I added the links below and just a small description from my view.
1. Grumeti Serengeti River Camp: This was the most simple place we stayed and probably my favorite. I loved the staff here. They were the best! This camp is situated on the Grumeti River and on one of the largest hippo pools in the world. After game drives, we would usually relax by the pool or have a drink and just watch the hippos fight and play in the water. This is also the ideal camp to watch the Great Migration.

2. Ngorongoro Crater Lodge: This was definitely the most luxurious place we stayed. When we arrived I literally felt like we were staying in a castle and couldn’t believe we were in the middle of nowhere Africa. This is the lodge where we experienced the lion kill. After every game drive you would come back to a freshly drawn bubble bath in your room! If you can work it out on your trip to Africa you must come to this lodge. It was truly amazing.

3. Lake Manyara Tree Lodge: Another spectacular place. It is just as described, a private tree house. We heard tales of people seeing leopards in the trees right outside of their lodge. We didn’t see that and I’m glad – it freaked me out a little! We did see a herd of elephants walking under our tree house early in the morning before a game drive. So neat!

Just for reference – we went to Africa in June of this year. That is considered “peak season” because it is winter there and the weather is beautiful. Even though it was winter it still was 80-90 degrees during the day. All of the places mentioned above are very small – each lodge probably only has 10-12 private “villas”. So, if you are planning on booking a trip keep in mind the peak season and know that the lodges book very fast during those times. These are just the three lodges we stayed at, &Beyond has many lodges all over Africa and I’m sure they are just as amazing as any of the three above. As always, if you have any questions you can contact me!

If you would like to read more about our trip to Africa – click here, here or here.

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8 Responses to Travel: Africa – The Lodges

  1. omg these posts are making me feel like I need to book a trip to Africa to celebrate our 5 year anniversary and Casey’s 30th this year!

  2. Karen says:

    Wow, these places look absolutely amazing – I am dying to go. Totally random question — did you have to get any special immunizations?

    • HIP LIP says:

      We had to have current boosters and get a Yellow Fever immunization in order to get our visa. We traveled with our Yellow Fever paperwork but they never asked to see it – I think they just do a random check.

  3. Jacki H. says:

    I LOVE reading about your Africa trip! I’d love to get there one day ~ I just need to get Hubs to agree!

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