Teach Parents Tech

This has me cracking up. We’ve all been there…well, in my case, I’m pretty lucky. My parents are more wired than I am and were early adopters to the iPhone, iPad, Kindle, etc. But, sometimes these things do come up and you know you’ve taken the controls from your parents out of frustration when they are just moving so sloooow on the computer.  Teach Parents Tech is brought to us by the lovely people at Google – perhaps they got fed up with spending time on the phone teaching their parents how to attach something to an email? With categories like media (attach a file, share pictures, etc.), communication (video chat, etc.), and world wide web (upgrade your browser, browse the web with tabs, etc.) your parents will be up to speed in no time. Just go to the Teach Parents Tech website, click what you want them to learn and hit send. Explanatory videos will land in your parents email…so, just make sure you teach them how to check that first. Genius I tell ya, just genius!

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3 Responses to Teach Parents Tech

  1. LOL my dad emailed me that.

  2. OMG! I’m sending a few of these immediately! I love it!

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