Review: Alice + Olivia Chris Flutter Front Faux Fur Vest

You might remember this vest from the Sparkle, Feathers, and Fur gift guide. Well, reader Sarah bought it and sent her review.

OK, I bought the vest and it isn’t nearly as cute IRL [in real life] as it is in the pictures. It doesn’t hang like that, and if you close the vest using the eye hooks on the inside, the front is super bulky. The vest IS gorgeous, but not at all flattering, IMO [in my opinion].

Thanks Sarah for the review! I guess it’s safe to say we can leave this one on the rack and move on to the next…

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4 Responses to Review: Alice + Olivia Chris Flutter Front Faux Fur Vest

    • Karen says:

      I purchased this vest and just received it (Ebay). Like you it looks great on the model—did yours shed like crazy? Continue to shed or just at first? Mine is so bad I can’t decide what to do. Noticed you have had yours awhile—-could you let me know?

  1. Sarah says:

    I still love the vest, it was really upsetting that it didn’t look good on!! It’s one of those pieces you just want to keep b/c it’s so pretty on the hanger!!!

    • Karen says:

      Did you keep your vest? I just purchased one on Ebay and was excited–looked so very cool on model. Received it and it sheds like a MO FO—I was coated in fur when I tried it on and fur was everywhere—floor, etc. If you kept yours—did yours do this? Did it finally stop shedding?

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