Deborah Lippman ‘Bad Romance’

Headed to New York City tomorrow where the temperatures are speaking one language: cold!! I thought it called for some dark nail polish with a touch of sparkle. On the nails: Deborah Lippmann Bad Romance. For help cleaning up my paint job I use Essie’s The Nail Corrector, it’s a lifesaver especially with dark polishes! Talk to y’all from New York!

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7 Responses to Deborah Lippman ‘Bad Romance’

  1. oo OOO ooo! want! lady gaga nails!

  2. Kellie Wilson says:

    Looooove that polish and I’m going to buy that nail corrector right now! I am horrible at painting my nails! 🙂

  3. Khara says:

    I absolutely love this color! And I will be getting the nail corrector too!

  4. Ashley says:

    Love this color! Anything with a Gaga name has got to be a winner!

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