Review: Photofacial

A couple of months ago I got a photofacial. I have rosacea but I’m also just obsessed with doing things to my face. I went into the procedure not knowing much other than it was good for rosacea and getting rid of sun damage. It hurt bad, so bad that I haven’t gone back for the second or third one they prescribed. It felt like someone had a rubber band gun and put it right up to my face and was shooting them off rapid fire style. They even numbed me first. They told me that brown spots (see above) would start coming to the surface and would flake off over the course of two weeks – the brown spots being sun damage, I guess. My face was so red when I left the doctor’s office that the errands I had planned were quickly canceled for the comfort of my house where no one would see me. The redness went away after a couple of hours. The next day I woke up with big brown freckles all over my face. The freckles slowly lightened and like they said, over the course of two weeks all sorts of stuff was coming to the surface and then flaking off. I have to say, my rosy cheeks definitely aren’t as rosy anymore and I feel like it did make my face more clear. It also sufficiently freaked me out about sun damage. But, the results weren’t enough to go back anytime soon although they did tell me that the results are best after 3 treatments. Maybe if there’s a groupon because at $200-350 a pop it is not worth the pain for me. I’d rather have new shoes. Has anyone else had 1 or more photofacials and had great results? And seriously, what are those brown things that came to the surface? Sun spots?

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3 Responses to Review: Photofacial

  1. ekk kinda freaky! But I have rosacea too and would be interested in something but that sounds painful and kinda scary!

  2. Beth says:

    just had 5th treatment for spots i couldnt really see, fine lines, and pink masking on face and neck. I’m 47. ouch ouch ouch. swelling on one cheek post procedure this time and im just not sure. The pink on face is much improved, on neck not so much. i’ve been given a bleaching cream to apply now and take a 6week break before going back. Im done with zapping on face, will only let work proceed on neck-which was the primary motivator to begin.

    • HIP LIP says:

      Wow – thanks for a great review! I haven’t gone back for another one and I don’t think I’m going to…at least for a few more years. It is pretty uncomfortable for minimal results (at this point). Good luck with the bleaching cream! Thanks again for commenting. 🙂

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