New York City Eats

I used yesterday to thaw out a little from the freezing temperatures in New York. I’d even venture to say that I never remember it being that cold the whole time I lived there. It was literally freezing, below freezing actually. Since outdoor activities were laughable we decided to stay inside and eat, eat, eat – here are the places we hit up:

1. Peter Luger Steakhouse – We went straight from JFK airport; I told you so. My husband was after their burger (only served at lunch) and since I don’t eat steak and didn’t want a half-pound burger to myself, I had the Caesar salad and a bite of the burger. It was delicious and definitely the best burger on the burger tour so far. Check out the bacon – it looks like a pork chop, a meal in itself! Side note: most people here are regulars, like don’t need the menu regulars. When we sat down our waiter asked me if we needed a menu and I thought “hello!! of course we need a menu!!” Then, I realized I should have studied the menu online and said “we don’t need no stinkin’ menu” – that would have made me way more cool.

2. Hane Sushi (no pictures, I was busy) – This is more of a locals hangout and it was packed. Definitely need a reservation. The reason it was packed – 2 for 1 drinks all day everyday. We were after a good happy hour and when our friends suggested sushi and sake – let’s go! The sushi was great but after 10 sake bombs, who really cares?

3. Minetta Tavern – We stopped here for lunch on Saturday. Would advise a reservation. It is a tight squeeze – they literally have to pull out the tables for you to get in to your dining spot. Husband was after a burger again. He had the Black Label Burger (selection of prime dry-aged beef cuts with caramelized onions and pomme frites). I had the Pasta Za Za (fresh pasta with pancetta, sage, parmesan, and a fried egg) – mine was good but after seeing my neighbor’s dish (which I almost ordered) the Shirred Eggs with Black Truffles, I was jealous. I also had the Minetta Mary – their standard Bloody Mary. It was described to me as spicy but when you come from Texas to New York, spicy is a relative term.

4. Casa Mono (no picture, it was so dark in there) – A Mario Batali tapas and wine bar. This was probably my least favorite meal of the trip. The food was good, in particular the Razor Clams…but it was just too foodie for me. I consider myself a well-rounded eater, and have been going to nice restaurants my whole life…but I could barely pick out 2 things I understood or wanted on the menu and I wasn’t in the mood for a blind taste test. The service was wonderful, the place was packed, and the food was good…it just wasn’t what I was looking for on that particular night. I guess I just wanted a burger – who has my husband turned me into?

What are your favorite NYC restaurants?

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5 Responses to New York City Eats

  1. Wow sounded like a fun trip and lots of yummy food, That is my favorite thing to do on vacation -eat, eat, eat!

  2. I love Shopsin for lunch! I think it’s on Carmine Street now. I know it moved. They have the best chicken salad sandwiches.

  3. S says:

    Hane was our weekly sushi delivery!!! We lived just a block away, and still miss it! Nice to see some love for an old neighborhood haunt.

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