Don’t Mess With Texas

In case you didn’t know…I really love Texas. So, you will have to excuse me for a minute. I get super defensive when people start bashing it and this Super Bowl coverage is starting to drive me nuts. Yes, we had an ice storm yesterday. Yes, Texans do not know how to drive in ice or snow. Yes, we are not prepared for said ice storm. But, what ESPN/media/stupidheads fail to mention is that they are probably being treated with a big dose of Texas hospitality even though true Cowboys fans really can’t stand the Packers or the Steelers. OK fine, I like a handful of Steelers fans – Mom, Grandpa, Dara. Oh and what about all that BBQ and Tex-Mex you are gobbling up? Right. Let me tell you, Super Bowl Sunday it will be 65 degrees with the sun shining bright. Mark my words. You will all ohhh and ahhh over Cowboys Stadium. You will say “wow, I sorta like Texas” as someone tells you to wipe that BBQ sauce off your face. You will wish Troy Aikman was once your quarterback as you listen to him call the game. And then, what will you say? Oh, what is that I hear? That we should have the Super Bowl at Jerry World every year? Ohhh OK. I guess I will forgive you for all your Texas bashing earlier in the week, thank you for spending your money in Dallas, and tip my hat as I say “y’all come back now, ya hear?”

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest… the OPI Texas Collection launches today. Think of me fondly when you are rocking colors like Do You Think I’m Tex-y, I Vant to be A-Lone Star, and Big Hair Big Nails. And remember, Don’t Mess with Texas.

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4 Responses to Don’t Mess With Texas

  1. ebwatler says:

    i can’t wait to get these!

    remember when you wanted to change your name to texi?

  2. Mindy says:

    I. love. it. (!!)

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