Cereal Bars

New food trend alert? First, there was frozen yogurt, then came cupcakes, now…cereal! The key is taking something that takes cents to make and then selling it with a 50000% mark-up – capitalism at its finest! Cereal bars are creeping up all over America. Are they the next big foodie trend? Here are a few of the contenders:
The Cereal Bowl – Delaware, New Jersey, D.C., Florida
Cereality Bar & Cafe – Minnesota, Texas, Ohio, West Virginia
Flake – Venice, CA
The Cereal Bar – Texas
Cereal Remix – Hawaii
Is there a cereal bar in your neighborhood yet?

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2 Responses to Cereal Bars

  1. Stacey says:

    Ceral bars have been around here for ages and ages and are soo popular, i’m always eating them!

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