My Fridge Food

I love this concept. I am an expert at overestimating something I need for a recipe. If it says I need a half cup, I usually buy enough to triple the recipe. I guess my ‘eye’ is still in training. So when I’m left with too much a lot of times it ends up going to waste. Enter: My Fridge Food. Just click on what you already have in your kitchen and it will give you a list of recipes that use those items. I have leftover shallots from making this recipe. I checked shallots and poof over 20 recipes to use up what I already have in my kitchen.

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4 Responses to My Fridge Food

  1. Oh, this is crazy good! I’ve gotta share and will give some link love back atcha!!

  2. Love this idea! I’m guilty of the same. Thanks 🙂

  3. Amanda says:

    Oh, heavens, I am the queen over over-estimating. “I don’t want to run out! I can use it for something else!” I’m off to check out Fridge Food!

  4. I love this concept! Your blog is great. I will have to mention this website on my blog, but will be sure to link back to you. Thanks for sharing!

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