New York Fashion Week & Interweb Cruising

Yesterday was the close of New York Fashion Week. I love NYFW because the designers are young, hip and fresh. They are designers I wear. I love seeing what will be trending in the upcoming seasons. But, I’m not going to cover every single show. I mean, I would if I was invited…but I wasn’t, so I won’t. Quite honestly, I don’t want to post pictures of Fall clothes when all I can think about is Spring. If you want a detailed, kick-butt review of nearly every single NYFW show please head over to ERIN JEEN and then dance your fingers over to to see all the looks, details, and who was sitting on the front row. If you want to see what I’m loving whether it’s new, old, out of order, 20 minutes after a show ended or just funny pictures of models falling then stay here…but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Oh, and I’ve been cruising the interwebs today so I thought I’d share:
-Tory Burch rainboots for women on sale.
-My friend Sara is doing Kendi’s 30×30 closet remix. You can see what she’s wearing every day of the challenge here.
-I love everything about this look.
Jessica Simpson can’t dress herself but chick is laughing all the way to the bank. I don’t feel sorry for her wardrobe problems anymore.
-Did Brad really steal Demi Moore from Rachel Zoe?? Tsk, tsk.
-I think one of you should make these this weekend. I can’t because I already ate a donut this morning, but I want to know if they are good.
-If you are making the treat above then you need to balance it out with some exercise. So, how about 4 weeks to a better body?

Have a great weekend!

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