Let’s Go Shopping: State Necklaces

Everyone has a signature piece and mine, for a long time, has been my Maya Brenner Texas necklace (pictured above alone on me and layered with my husband’s initial). Whenever I wear it I always get asked where it can be found, and if it comes in other states. So, you too can wear your pride for your state around your neck with these lovely necklaces:

1. Alter Designs (etsy) – State Charm Necklaces, $18
2. Kris Nations – State Pride Necklaces, $39
3. Nashelle – State Necklace, $76
4. Maya Brenner – States, $130-300

Do you have a signature jewelry piece?

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7 Responses to Let’s Go Shopping: State Necklaces

  1. ebwatler says:

    i just got a super cute turquoise texas from etsy! it goes perfectly with my big turquoise ring (my signature piece)

  2. Tiffany Antonius says:

    What lovely state necklaces, now you can were your state proudly. hihi…

    Where is the California one?

    Tiffany @
    Religious Necklaces

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  4. Thanks so much for featuring my State Charm Necklaces. I have all states in silver & gold.

    My signature piece is the triple state charm necklace… All 3 states I’ve lived in.. on one chain.

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