Friday Ramblings

Yes, the 2011 Gucci Fall presentation was amazing, but half of it is totally sheer which makes it pretty impractical for my lifestyle. Oh well…next year, next year…

– I bet Moammar Kadafi and Charlie Sheen wake up in the morning and say to their staff, as they are getting dressed, “Does this make me look crazy?” Serious nut jobs, those two.
– I’m obsessed with this soap scent and it’s dirt cheap too.
– Love this Katherine Hooker coat worn by Kate Middleton on her first official duty as a Royal.
– I’m all for buff arms but Cameron Diaz needs to lay off the workouts with A-Rod.
– Skinny Runner debuted her t-shirts yesterday. They are super cute but I don’t know if I’m skinny enough to wear one? Who am I kidding? I’m not a runner either.

Have a great weekend. See you Sunday for some Ooooscar, Oscar, Oscar fashion!

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2 Responses to Friday Ramblings

  1. Jennifer says:

    Those two are nut jobs. I could listen to CS ramble all day. it’s cracks me up. he’s so out there and so nutso. don’t mind me I’ll just be over here winning. lmfao.

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