Anne Hathaway in Vintage Valentino?

Can we talk about ‘vintage’ for a minute? Last night I heard that Anne Hathaway was wearing vintage Valentino. When I hear someone is wearing vintage I always have to take note. To me, vintage means that at one point Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe once had the option to wear that dress. Then, I heard it was from 2002. So I did some runway searching and found that it is in fact from the 2002 Fall couture collection. So, is 2002 considered vintage? Something I can easily find on the internet from less than 10 years ago is not considered vintage to me. Vintage means 30+ years ago. Vintage does not mean my Freshman year in college (2o02). So, I decided Anne Hathaway’s dress is not vintage…I don’t care what Valentino or Rachel Zoe told her. What do you think? What is vintage to you?

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5 Responses to Anne Hathaway in Vintage Valentino?

  1. Haha good point, I have wondered that myself in the past. I have decided that it seems that when they say vintage it means, from a different decade. So technically 2002 was, but I agree 9 years is cutting it close!

  2. Linda McMahon says:

    I am with you. There should be rules about what qualifies as “vintage”. Like an antique car……

  3. Even 20 years is pushing it, never mind 9. I say anything after 1990 isn’t vintage, it’s just not new. Can’t believe she called it vintage hahaha.

  4. Jennifer says:

    umm. I agree. that is NOT vintage. if 2002 is vintage than I am an antique.

  5. alexis says:

    omg, i completely agree with you. please- 2002 is NOT vintage!!!

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