Many of you that follow me on twitter know that I have been doing a ‘cardio challenge’. It all started when I was in the gym in our building and one of my neighbors was in there with her trainer. I pretended to be listening to my iPod but really I had the volume turned down and was listening to what the trainer said. He challenged her to do cardio 21 days in a row. Right then and there I decided I was going to do it too. Today is day 9 for me. I’ve been doing a mix of elliptical, treadmill, bike, and walking/jogging outside. I’ve been doing at least an hour every day but the trainer said 20-30 minutes…so it obviously can be modified so it’s attainable. So, I thought I would ask, do any of you want to do it too? I’m not going to post about it every day but on Friday’s I will give you my update along with my other crazy ramblings. If you are interested just post your daily progress on twitter under #cardiochallenge or comment here. I will find you and we can cheer each other along. This is not about weight loss. It is simply about challenging myself to do something new. Let’s go!

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9 Responses to #CardioChallenge

  1. if I wasn’t going to be recovering from my tonsillectomy I would totally be down!
    sounds like fun!!
    Amber’s Notebook

  2. MaryKylie says:

    I’m totally down for it!! I’ve been doing cardio each day since Saturday, so I guess today can be day 4 for me. Doing the elliptical at the gym later.

  3. Jaclyn says:

    Count me in! I’ll be running later today for my third straight day of doing cardio.

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  5. rongyund says:

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