Practical vs Indulgent: iPad Cases

iPad 2 is out today. Here are some practical and indulgent cases to keep your iPad protected and fashionable.

1. Manhattan Portage – Nylon iPad Case, $35
2. Keen – Harvest II iPad Case, $15
3. Graphic Image – Personalized iPad Sleeve, $139
4. Marc by Marc Jacobs – Neoprene iPad Cover, $48
5. Overstock, Snap-On Crystal Case, $8.99
6. Case-Mate – The Express, $34.99

1. Nancy Gonzalez – Crocodile iPad Case, $1,800
2. Alaïa – Laser-Cut Leather iPad Case, $990
3. Gucci – iPad Case, $250
4. Louis Vuitton – iPad Case, $366
5. Prada – Nylon iPad Case, $610
6. Hermes – iPad Case (available in Australia online, in-store in the USA), ~$1,200

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One Response to Practical vs Indulgent: iPad Cases

  1. slcsaunders says:

    i LOVE that Alaïa one!! The color of the Prada one is pretty too. Of the practical ones, I like the turquoise Graphic Image one the best.

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