Friday Ramblings

Haha. I just love that picture.

-Doesn’t this look soo good? Holy moly!
-Have you heard of the new “cuddle class” on some airlines? I love the idea and totally wish we had it on our long trips in the past year.
-100% of money spent at Forever21 today goes directly to to relief efforts in Japan. 100% people! If you don’t need anything at F21, head over to the Red Cross to make a donation.
-Here are the Top 25 Hotels in the United States based on reviews on Trip Advisor. I’ve stayed at a few of them, have you?
-Another day, another style blogger – today I’m loving Wendy’s Lookbook.

Have a great weekend!!

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2 Responses to Friday Ramblings

  1. alexis says:

    HA. that picture is awesome!!

  2. Loving Wendy’s lookbook!

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