Petit Organics

Going local on you – hello, New York City! One of my friends recently launched a really cool company. I am so excited for her. She is a great Mom to two boys (with a third on the way). She started making organic baby food for her oldest son in 2007 and realized there was a real market for an organic baby food delivery service for the Mom on the go. From that realization came Petit Organics, an organic homemade baby food delivery service. All the food is 100% organic, fresh, and handmade less than 24 hours before it arrives on your doorstep. For now, Petit Organics is only available for delivery in Manhattan, but you can also find it for pick-up in Brooklyn. Petit Organics is definitely growing so feel free to put in your zip code to tell them you would be interested in their service in your area. I’d love for you to pass this on to any of your NYC friends. Congratulations, Michelle!

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4 Responses to Petit Organics

  1. awesome! Sucha cool company! I love it =)
    Amber’s Notebook

  2. Sarah says:

    love it! yay for michelle! ….also, hope youre doing well, love the blog! 🙂

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