Ashes and Snow

“The power of the images comes less from their formal beauty than from the way they envelop the viewer in their mood …They are simply windows to a world in which silence and patience govern time.” –The New York Times

Sometimes you walk into something and you have no idea the impact it will have into your life. The first time I saw Ashes and Snow it was for a class I was taking at Parsons in New York City in 2005. I have never seen more beautiful images in all my life. Over the next couple months that the installation was in New York I think I visited five times – taking my Mom with me once. Photographer Gregory Colbert has traveled to over 60 locales to photograph the interactions between humans and animals. The exhibition is a true celebration of nature. Although hard to believe at times, these images are all real and organic. Some of the photos just give me chills. The exhibition ended in 2008 after over 10 million people visited. In recent months there have been talks that it might tour again with updated works from Colbert’s recent travels. I hope it happens. I already have a very special idea for one of these prints in a future home. I can’t wait to share it someday!

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One Response to Ashes and Snow

  1. Sarah says:

    those are breathtaking!!! thanks for sharing.

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