Musings: Art & Adulthood

I learned at a young age that art can evoke lots of different emotions. I have my Mom to thank for taking me to countless museums for that. My husband and I have recently started talking more and more about how we will decorate a future home. We are very used to high-rise/matchbox style living and are so happy that we always say we could easily live this way forever. Conversations usually go something like:
Me: Are you happy here?
Him: Yes.
Me: We could live here for like 5 more years and never think anything of it, right?
Him: Yep!
These small conversations make me so happy. Sometimes you just know you are happy because you are so comfortable with everything in your life. I love that we are not striving for anything. We are just happy with each other and the place we are at this moment in our lives. My husband has such a gift of living in the moment  and rolling with the punches. He has really taught me to just chill out and live for today. I love that about him and our life. But, there will come a day when I need to decorate a home, pick paint colors, buy more furniture and hang art. Yes, hang art – we are really talking adult stuff now. I adore these impasto oil paintings by Aja from the Sagittarius Gallery. I picture one in a room with fabulous high ceilings, modern sleek furniture and a cowhide rug – the painting being the star of the show, of course. The house, the paintings, the furniture will come…all that stuff can be bought with the click of a mouse of the wave of a hand. However, you can’t put a number on how happy I am feeling on this day just living in the moment daydreaming about art. For that, I am truly thankful.

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2 Responses to Musings: Art & Adulthood

  1. ebwatler says:

    these paintings are beautiful and so is this post! it made me smile reading how happy you are :). love you!

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