Styled: Royal Wedding – Champagne Dinner & Dancing

Still daydreaming over here…. After I bawl my eyes out witnessing the ceremony at Westminster Abbey, I will be chauffeured away to my hotel to change. Then, it’s off to Buckingham Palace where I will easily breeze by security – hey, I’m invited! For the evening of dining, drinking, and dancing I decided on pure glamour. Not only will this Naeem Khan dress look fabulous with the glass of champagne permanently attached to my hand…it’ll be comfortable when I get down and boogie with all the Royals.

Naeem Khan gown, Christian Louboutin Sexy Strass heels, Harry Winston earrings and bracelet & Chopard ring.

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4 Responses to Styled: Royal Wedding – Champagne Dinner & Dancing

  1. Tina says:

    That’s the dress Rhea Durham wore to the Oscars! So, in my opinion, Royal Wedding worthy as well! And I def like the sparkly Louboutins better.

    • HIP LIP says:

      Oh my goodness! Suddenly I’m so embarrassed that someone has worn this dress before me. How could the fashion house not tell me? Off with their heads!! Haha.

      • Tina says:

        Haha. It’s okay. It was only Rhea Durham (so only a crazylike me would remember), and not like Sandy Bullock. (P.S. I’m one of Eleni’s friends…we immensely enjoy your blog.)

  2. Those shoes would love to be in my closet. Or at the Royal Wedding. With me.

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