Welcome to Texas, Mister President!

I swear I will get back to fashion and other fun stuff soon. But seriously, how often is the President of the United States literally outside your front door? My pictures are OK but how amazing is the one of the Texas sunset behind Air Force One? I’ve had some run-ins throughout life with political figures, been to inaugurations, and even been to the White House…but seeing the President never gets old. President Obama was in town to give a speech at a building nearby. That meant the motorcade drove right past my building twice.  The first time I was 1 of 10 people on the street and the President waved to the 2 little girls standing right next to me. Since they didn’t release the route most people were standing 2 or 3 blocks away from the action. The second time there were more people around but he waved at the crowd even while talking on his cell phone. It was really cool to see the specially outfitted motorcade that is flown in to each city, the SWAT team, lots of secret service, and police. Not going to lie – there might have been some jumping up and down, crazy waving and excited exclamations when he passed. I even waved at the press vans. I know, I know…I’m totally ‘out there’, but it was really neat to see the whole operation happen.

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2 Responses to Welcome to Texas, Mister President!

  1. ebwatler says:

    my old friend from the texan stephen keller took that photo of air force one! small world, huh? it got picked up by everyone!

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