Erin Condren: Life Planner

A few months before 2012 arrived I bought this planner to jump start my new and improved, more organized self. Well, I hate to admit, 2012 has come and my life is not more organized. February 1st is my ‘new year’ and organization starts today. More specifically, it starts with documenting my life in my Erin Condren Life Planner. I’m going to rip out the pages from 2011 – I don’t want to be reminded of the old me. If you are looking for a new planner or just love to be organized — you must check out these planners. You can personalize them with you name, add cover design (I went with orange chevron), and then just feel like a happier person when you check things off that to-do list!

Erin Condren – Life Planner, $50

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5 Responses to Erin Condren: Life Planner

  1. the team says:

    thanks for the great post! here’s to a great year being stylized and organized! enjoy!

  2. pam says:

    I have the same one! I lovvveeee it!

  3. Can’t live without mine!! I also gave them to all my girlfriends and family for Christmas!

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  5. The best friends forever more information together Flair

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