Madonna Rocks!

I thought the Super Bowl half time show was the best it’s been in years. Even if you hate Madonna and were going “say what?” at a few questionable spots, it was a production, a true show…a performance. I loved the special effects, lighting, the dancing, and of course, Madonna. She was spot on and didn’t miss a beat. I loved the costumes too – I wonder if Jean Paul Gaultier was the mastermind? I will have to check into that. If you missed it – here it is:

What did you think? Best since Britney, N’SYNC and Aerosmith?

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3 Responses to Madonna Rocks!

  1. Derek Johnson says:

    I wasn’t enamored with Madonna’s performance (muted it midway through), but I do think that it is the best performance we can hope for post-Janet Jackson. Here is my complete thoughts on the subject:

  2. Miss Tasty says:

    I liked her performance but I think she’s a little too old to pull off the cheerleader act. 🙂 I wanted to let you know I awarded you the Liebster Blog Award. Love your posts and I hope to bring more traffic to your site. Please go to my blog to see your next steps!

  3. I think she was amazing!!

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