Guest Post: Hollywood Glam Decor

Hi, all. It’s Joanna here for Design Shuffle, a top online resource for interior designers and design enthusiasts. My work allows me to write daily on interior design, home décor and home products. Today I’m sharing one of my favorite styles—Hollywood glam. Design Shuffle, Hollywood glam, or Regency as it’s often called, made a comeback in recent years thanks to interior designer Kelly Wearstler. Her seductive designs reign supreme when it comes to drama and glamour. Mirrored furniture, velvets galore, sumptuous silks on furniture and windows, and Asian touches—these elements work their magic on any star-worthy interior design. Take a look at some of my favorite glamorous rooms.

Hollywood Glam

The epitome of Hollywood glamour, a starlet sits amidst a romantic décor. The blush-hued, button-tufted settee adds an elegant place to lounge.

Hollywood Glam

The Hollywood regency style of this living space makes me imagine a party of A-listers mingling here. The grand portrait on the far wall gives the room an evocative touch.

Hollywood Glam

Liza Minnelli’s bigger than life personality inspires a glamorous living room design with touches of velvets, metals and glass. The black and white décor hails back to an earlier time before color-infused movies were a reality.

Hollywood Glam

Interested in black and white interior designs with a twist? This one includes an interesting choice of sky blue and China red. The button-tufted velvet chairs with an ornate black wood frame set in the same space as a Mid Century modern leather sofa is a confident choice that works well.

Hollywood Glam

A regal bed takes center stage in this glammed-up bedroom design. Its mirrored finish sparkles with a turquoise reflection. The ceiling is an over-the-top design element I love. The chandelier is a perfect touch of luscious excess.

Hollywood Glam

Just imagine spending your beauty routine at this seductive dressing table and mirror. Notice the tufted fabric walls on the right. This room is full of interior design ideas.

Hollywood Glam

By far one of my favorite bathrooms, this one exudes a sexy chic Hollywood style. Double sink cabinets flank each side of a drawered vanity.

Hollywood Glam

If I had an irresistible dressing room like this one, it would be hard to drag myself away. A pair of button-tufted benches sits at the ready for trying on shoes. The mirrored sections reflect the light and keep it bright unlike most standard closets. Lot of decorating ideas here! Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

Would you consider decorating with Hollywood glam style? Tell us in the comments! Don’t forget that Design Shuffle is the best place to go to find gorgeous inspiration from top San Francisco interior designers, Los Angeles interior designers and more!

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