Review: InstaHang

I’ve been meaning to hang pictures up around the house forever. In my case, forever means over 2 years! I went shopping to gather some frames and saw the InstaHang on an end-cap and thought “why not?” For $15, this is the most practical purchase I’ve made in a while. It made hanging pictures a breeze. The nails jammed a couple of times but it was easy to remedy once I got the hang of it. The built-in level makes every picture hang straight on the first try, and as long as you smack the button fairly hard the nail goes right into the wall. Although the nails look like thumbtacks – they are strong. I had to use the end of a hammer to remove one from the wall. It took me 15 minutes to hang 8 pictures, and I didn’t want to rip my hair out at the end of it. I’d call that a success! You are probably better off ordering straight from their site because of all the freebies, but if you pick it up at a local store there is more than enough to get you started. Check it out: InstaHang, $14.99

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