Summer Solstice: Poland

Summer in Texas is great – pool days, patio nights, cookouts. Although it’s hard not to mention the real truth: record setting days of heat, triple-digit highs that seem so go on for weeks, and the lovely humidity that makes good hair days few and far between. Are you jealous yet?  One year I vow to be in Poznan, Poland for the annual Summer Solstice Festival. Over 8,000 paper lanterns are released into the sky to celebrate the start of summer, and you can wear a coat and hat while you do it! These images are just magical. Happy Summer!!

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3 Responses to Summer Solstice: Poland

  1. smilescavenger says:

    I hope you make it to Poznan for this beautiful event soon 🙂

  2. Erica Olson says:

    Ooh, that’s neat! That’s funny because I was just posting about the summer solstice ( My examples were Stonehenge, though, and what I do at home. This Poland festival looks a lot different from things I’ve seen!

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